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Are you ready to let the world finally hear the real you in your voice? Watch the videos below to learn how Doctor Voice can help you


What do you need?

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Presentation training

Designed and developed by Doctor Voice, his public speaking and presentation skills program has been developed through more than thirty years of research and thousands of presentations

Voice for Success

Spend a day with Doctor Voice, exploring your inner self through the power of your voice

Vocal training

Want to sing as brilliantly as your favorite pop stars? Doctor Voice, author of ‘The Fastest Singing Program in the World’, can make this happen for you!

Online training

Ever since Rihanna confided that she trains online with her voice coach, Skype has become a popular tool for busy recording artists and presenters

Doctor Voice as seen on CNN

Jermain Jackman’s sessions with Doctor Voice

Bill Padley interviews Doctor Voice

Sam Smith’s Bond with Doctor Voice