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Does self-consciousness about your voice impact how you assert yourself and command attention? 

✘ Is concern about your voice holding you back from participating in meetings or events?

Are insecurities about your voice a barrier to building rapport and effective communication?

✘ Does worry about your voice prevent you from becoming a confident and authoritative presence?

✘ Have you avoided opportunities to grow due to self-doubt about your voice?

✘ Does anxiety about your voice impact your self-esteem and authentic expression?

✘ Is fear of not being taken seriously because of your voice affecting your impact?

Does fear of judgment keep you from expressing your ideas?

✘ How would it impact your life if you were able to speak confidently?

How will it impact you to speak to clients with confidence and charisma through voice improvement? 


→ Are you a professional speaker aiming to enhance your voice for more impactful presentations?

→ Are you looking to improve your vocal skills to better connect with clients and colleagues?

→ Are you a coach or mentor seeking to captivate others by improving your speaking voice?

→ Are you a leader looking to increase communication effectiveness when speaking to your team?

→ Are you looking to deliver powerful presentations from a compelling vocal performance?

→ Do you want to cultivate a more authoritative and influential speaker presence?

→ Are you an aspiring public speaker wanting to enhance the quality and range of your voice?

→ Are you a podcaster wanting to make your voice more engaging for your audience?

Sam Beard

"Anthony Wade, “The Voice Doctor,” has changed my life. He taught me how to breathe and how to shape my mouth to make the speech musicalDoc has me speaking from my heart with rhythm, and not my head. Happily, I’m getting used to standing ovations and even tears of inspiration."

~ Sam Beard, President, GIFT
Creator and and Chair of Programs for the Past 8 U.S. Presidents – Nixon through Obama

Voice Coach Dr Voice

Communicate with confidence

Uncover hidden blocks and bring to life your talents.

Speaking coaching session

Assert yourself and make impact

Use your voice to change the world.

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"I've been lucky enough to meet some amazing people but Dr Voice is probably the best coach full stop. He is a complete one-off and life changing."


"Dr Voice has completely changed my voice. The things he says can really change the way you look at things. It really pushes you to work on your voice and get better at who you want to be.”


What happens on my immersion day?

Find your true voice - speaking and singing!

Awaken the real you and access your true self.

Breakthrough your psychological blocks!

Become conscious of your uplifting self!

Extend the range of your speaking ability!

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