Whether you’re looking for vocal training, public speaking and presentation training, or life coaching sessions, Doctor Voice can help you!

What we do together:

Public speaking and presentation training

Designed and developed by Dr Voice, his public speaking and presentation skills program has been developed through over 30 years of research and thousands of presentations. Dr Voice uses his experience to
  • Overcome nerves and present with confidence, clarity and charisma
  • Deliver persuasive and passionate presentations
  • Develop your personal Wow! factor to optimize the impact of your presentations
  • Develop your ability to convince, persuade and influence successfully in a wide range of situations
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Immersion Day – life coaching sessions

Dr Voice’s life coaching sessions are an experience unlike any other. You’ll spend the day with him and he’ll take you on an exploration into your inner self through the power of your voice. The Immersion Day is designed to remove psychological blocks that hold you back in your self-expression. Dr Voice promotes a profound change to your personality to help you prosper in your personal and working life. By working your voice to a deeper level, you’ll unleash a power in your voice and personality that you’ve never experienced before Contact us now to find out more.

Vocal training for recording artists:

Imagine being able to sing as well as your favorite pop stars. Dr Voice is the author of ‘The Fastest Singing Programme in the World’, and can make this happen for you in record time! Whether you’re a beginner or experienced singer, you can train your voice by simply learning to sing just one song! Working from Three Mills Studios, rehearsal studios for artists such as Robbie Williams, Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham, you’ll learn within a supportive and creative environment Unlike conventional vocal training and singing programs, the Fastest Singing Program in the World teaches you one song that is specially designed to include all the elements that make a great singing voice. This is combined with a unique approach that gives you a deep understanding of your voice, and singing without the need for monotonous exercises and excessive studying Voice techniques (face to face or via Skype) for singing include
  • Vocal placement (forward placement or mask/hard palate vs back placement or soft palate)
  • Stylistic features (vibrato, smoothing out passaggio, etc)
  • Alexander Technique, and postural problems
  • Correcting bad vocal habits – vocal hygiene
  • Building vocal stamina and reducing fatigue
  • Emotional content of songs – delivery
  • Expanding repertoire, and versatility
  • Expanding your vocal range
  • Enunciation
In order to accommodate the individual needs of each student, Dr Voice draws not only from his singing background, but also his physical training, nutritional, songwriting, producing, directing, and acting skills

Vocal training via Skype

Ever since Rihanna confided that she does training sessions online with her voice coach, Skype has become a popular tool for busy recording artists and presenters One of the many advantages of Skype is how it can bring people together, face-to-face, across thousands of miles. Coaching by telephone or Skype from anywhere in the world has become standard practice for busy professionals Book your online Skype sessions here!